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MicroRNA Targets
With this tool miRNA targets can be identified in a specific window around the start of all genes. After selecting the miRNA, user selected parameters are the sequence window to be analysed for each gene, the psRNATarget score (0.0-5.0), and the relative orientation of the miRNA target site. Minus indicates antisense, plus sense orientation. Restricting the psRNATarget score to a value lower than 5.0 allows the identification of targets that display less numbers of mismatches. 0.0 means identity between miRNA and target site. If a lower false positive prediction rate is preferred, a more stringent cut-off threshold (0.0-2.0) should be set. If a higher prediction coverage is desired, a more relaxed cut-off threshold (4.0-5.0) can be chosen. The screening sequences for the miRNA genes and the number of genomic hits can be found on the Documentation page.

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