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Text files with all TFBS of the selected factor (range: -2000 to 4000) can be downloaded here.
Detailed information on each TF, screening sequences, and their sources can be found on the documentation page.

Bulk download of all matrix-based and pattern-based screening data.
Matrix-Based Screenings
Factor AGI
CBF  -
TBP  -
ARF1  At1g59750
AtLEC2  At1g28300
REM1(1)  At4g31610
REM1(2)  At4g31610
ABI4(1)  -
ABI4(2)  -
ANT  At4g37750
At1g77200  At1g77200
ATERF1(1)  At4g17500
ATERF1(2)  At4g17500
DDF1  At1g12610
DEAR3(1)  At2g23340
DEAR3(2)  At2g23340
DEAR4(1)  At4g36900
DEAR4(2)  At4g36900
DREB2C(1)  At2g40340
DREB2C(2)  At2g40340
ERF1  At3g23240
NtERF2  -
ORA47(1)  At1g74930
ORA47(2)  At1g74930
RAP2.3(1)  At3g16770
RAP2.3(2)  At3g16770
RAP2.3(3)  At3g16770
RAP2.6(1)  At1g43160
RAP2.6(2)  At1g43160
RAP2.6(3)  At1g43160
RAV1(1)  At1g13260
RAV1(2)  At1g13260
RRTF1(1)  At4g34410
RRTF1(2)  At4g34410
RRTF1(3)  At4g34410
TOE1(1)  At2g28550
TOE1(2)  At2g28550
TOE1(3)  At2g28550
TOE2(1)  At5g60120
TOE2(2)  At5g60120
TOE2(3)  At5g60120
WRI1  At3g54320
ETT(1)  At2g33860
ETT(2)  At2g33860
AHL12(1)  At1g63480
AHL12(2)  At1g63480
AHL12(3)  At1g63480
AHL20(1)  At4g14465
AHL20(2)  At4g14465
AHL20(3)  At4g14465
AHL25(1)  At4g35390
AHL25(2)  At4g35390
AHL25(3)  At4g35390
DYT1  At4g21330
MYC2  At1g32640
MYC3  At5g46760
MYC4  At4g17880
OsbHLH66  -
PIF3(1)  At1g09530
PIF3(2)  At1g09530
PIF3(3)  At1g09530
PIF4  At2g43010
PIF5  At3g59060
ABF1  At1g49720
bZIP60(1)  At1g42990
bZIP60(2)  At1g42990
bZIP910(1)  -
bZIP910(2)  -
bZIP911(1)  -
bZIP911(2)  -
O2  -
STF1  -
TGA1  At5g65210
TGA1a  -
TGA2(1)  At5g06950
TGA2(2)  At5g06950
DAG2  At2g46590
DOF2  -
DOF5.7(1)  At5g65590
DOF5.7(2)  At5g65590
GATA12  At5g25830
YAB1  At2g45190
YAB5  At2g26580
At4g35610  At4g35610
ID1  -
ZAT14  At5g03510
ZAT18  At3g53600
ZAT2  At2g17180
ZAT6  At5g04340
OsCBT  -
ARR10  At4g31920
GLK1(1)  At2g20570
GLK1(2)  At2g20570
KAN1  At5g16560
KAN4(1)  At5g42630
KAN4(2)  At5g42630
ARR11(1)  At1g67710
ARR11(2)  At1g67710
ARR11(3)  At1g67710
ARR14(1)  At2g01760
ARR14(2)  At2g01760
ARR14(3)  At2g01760
AGP1  -
WOX13(1)  At4g35550
WOX13(2)  At4g35550
ZmHOX2a(1)  -
ZmHOX2a(2)  -
HVH21  -
ATHB1  At3g01470
ATHB12  At3g61890
ATHB5  At5g65310
ATHB51  At5g03790
ATHB9  At1g30490
HAHB4  -
ICU4  At1g52150
HSFB2a(1)  At5g62020
HSFB2a(2)  At5g62020
HSFC1(1)  At3g24520
HSFC1(2)  At3g24520
LBD16  At2g42430
AG  At4g18960
AGL1  At3g58780
AGL15  At5g13790
AGL2  At5g15800
AGL3  At2g03710
AtMYB15  At3g23250
AtMYB61  At1g09540
AtMYB77  At3g50060
AtMYB84  At3g49690
CCA1(1)  At2g46830
CCA1(2)  At2g46830
CDC5  At1g09770
MYB.PH3(1)  -
MYB.PH3(2)  -
MYB111(1)  At5g49330
MYB111(2)  At5g49330
MYB46(1)  At5g12870
MYB46(2)  At1g12870
MYB46(3)  At5g12670
MYB52(1)  At1g17950
MYB52(2)  At1g17950
MYB55(1)  At4g01680
MYB55(2)  At4g01680
MYB59  At5g59780
MYB83  At3g08500
P  -
RVE1(1)  At5g17300
RVE1(2)  At5g17300
TaMYB80  -
ANAC46  At3g04060
ANAC55(1)  At3g15500
ANAC55(2)  At3g15500
ANAC58  At3g18400
ANAC81  At5g08790
TaNAC69(1)  -
TaNAC69(2)  -
AtSPL3  At2g33810
AtSPL8  At1g02065
SPL1(1)  At2g47070
SPL1(2)  At2g47070
SPL14  At1g20980
SPL7(1)  At5g18830
STY1(1)  At3g51060
STY1(2)  At3g51060
PCF2  -
PCF5  -
TCP11(1)  At2g37000
TCP11(2)  At2g37000
TCP15(1)  At1g69690
TCP15(2)  At1g69690
TCP16(1)  At3g45150
TCP16(2)  At1g69690
TCP20  At3g27010
TCP23  At1g35560
At5g28300  At5g28300
GT1  -
WRKY12  At2g44745
WRKY18(1)  At4g31800
WRKY38(1)  At5g22570
WRKY45  At3g01970
ZAP1  At2g04880
Pattern-Based Screenings
Factor AGI
ABI3  At3g24650
FUS3  At3g26790
AtERF-1  At4g17500
AtERF-2  At5g47220
AtERF-3  At1g50640
AtERF-4  At3g15210
AtERF-5  At5g47230
AtERF-7  At3g20310
AtTINY2  At5g11590
DREB1A  At4g25480
DREB1B  At4g25490
DREB1C  At4g25470
DREB2A  At5g05410
EIN3  At3g20770
RAP2.2  At3g14230
AtMYC2  At1g32640
ABI5  At2g36270
AREB1  At1g45249
AREB2  At3g19290
AtbZIP1  At5g49450
BZIP12  At2g41070
bZIP19  At4g35040
bZIP23  At2g16770
HY5  At5g11260
GATA-1  At3g24050
GATA-2  At2g45050
GATA-3  At4g34680
GATA-4  At3g60530
SUP  At3g23130
TAC1  At3g09290
AtSR1  At2g22300
CAMTA1  At5g09410
CAMTA2  At5g64220
CAMTA3  At2g22300
CAMTA5  At4g16150
CBP60g  At5g26920
SARD1  At1g73805
E2Fa  At2g36010
E2Fb  At5g22220
E2Fc  At1g47870
E2Fd  At5g14960
E2Fe  At3g48160
E2Ff  At3g01330
ARR1  At3g16857
ARR2  At4g16110
ZML2  At1g51600
GRF7  At5g53660
ATML1  At4g21750
PDF2  At4g04890
TBF1  At4g36990
LFY  At5g61850
AGL20  At2g45660
AGL22  At2g22540
AGL24  At4g24540
AGL25  At5g10140
AtCCA1  At2g46830
AtLHY  At1g01060
AtMYB44  At5g67300
AtWER  At5g14750
MYB1  At3g09230
MYB2  At2g47190
MYB61  At1g09540
MYB80  At5g56110
MYB98  At4g18770
ANAC019  At1g52890
ANAC055  At3g15500
ANAC072  At4g27410
NAM  At1g52880
NAP  At1g69490
SPL1  At2g47070
SPL4  At1g53160
SPL5  At3g15270
SPL7  At5g18830
GT-1  At1g13450
GT-2  At1g76890
GT-3b  At2g38250
WRKY11  At4g31550
WRKY18  At4g31800
WRKY26  At5g07100
WRKY38  At5g22570
WRKY40  At1g80840
WRKY43  At2g46130
WRKY6  At1g62300
WRKY62  At5g01900
WRKY63  At1g66600
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